Livi Zheng

Livi Zheng has won more than 26 medals and trophies in Martial Arts in the USA. She learned Martial Arts in Beijing’s Shi Cha Hai Sports School, where Jet Li also studied. In addition to being an excellent athlete Livi was a model student. She graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Washington-Seattle, after only three years, and was invited to the International Honors Society in Economics due to her academic excellence. Currently she is doing her MFA in Film Production in the University of Southern California. Livi is the President of the Asian American Cinema Association. Livi’s passion in film blossomed through Martial Arts in elementary school. Livi started as a stunt person, then a producer and now makes her debut as a director.

Ken Zheng

Ken Zheng is the youngest National Kickboxing (Sanda Wushu) Champion who represented Indonesia for the World Championship in Kickboxing (Sanda Wushu). Ken was born in Indonesia but moved to China when he was 11 years old. Ken started learning Kickboxing (Sanda Wushu) at a very young age, training three hours a day, everyday. Ken’s passion in film, just like his sister’s, blossomed though his passion in martial arts. Ken is currently attending an international high school in China, which has students from over 50 countries.

Nikita Breznikov

Nikita Breznikov began his acting career while simultaneously serving as a sergeant detective in the Baltimore Police Department. Nikita’s first break came in the form of professional wrestling when he came upon the friendship of WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff. What started out as mere friendship evolved into a manager/protégé partnership that would guide these two comrades for 11 years. At times Nikita donned the tights and joined his comrade as a tag team partner. An officer of the law by day, and by night a hated Russian General, leading his protégé to destroy all American opponents put in his path. It was the love of pro wrestling that led Nikita to entertain. After he retired, Nikita began acting full time in films, as well as appearing in documentaries.

Norman Newkirk

Norman Newkirk, currently living in Seattle, has appeared in a number of indie features, an episode of Leverage, as a talk show host on cable TV and recorded a series of locally produced radio dramas. His work also includes appearances in musical road shows sent out from New York City, soaps operas, Manhattan-based cabaret and as music director/conductor on cruise ships. With his primary focus now on film, he will be spending more time in LA but vows to work on the stage at least once a year.